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3 months ago

4.20.0 (2022-04-28)

Bug Fixes

  • adding mp_chop to mp_testservice (WIP) (0728f72)
  • avoiding lua compilation issues by setting wide enough lrecl (3435509)
  • ensuring sufficient lrecl in mf_getuniquefilref (c83ea70)
  • ensuring test passes for mfs_httpheader (a39f4e4)
  • fixing tests for mp_chop (9ea6c87)
  • mac var and chop point issue in (42f2767)
  • ms_createfile will now overwrite if existing (099a5f7)
  • setting blank value to 0 in mf_isint() (cc1b971)
  • tests for ms_createwebservice and mp_createwebservice (8bd31e6)
  • updating ms_runstp to accept parameters and file inputs. Explicitly setting lrecl everywhere. Adding lrecl=80 as default in (b525b41)
  • wip - requires new mp_chop() macro to parse long JSON response (8484c75)


  • mp_chop() macro (f71e53a)
  • ms_createwebservice macro (and update to (f9b0f87)
  • macro for testing services on sasjs/server (f2d80b3)

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