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6 months ago

4.1.0 (2022-01-25)

Bug Fixes

  • adding test and data logic for re-applying modified records where base table has missing vars (9cf2cc3)
  • comma placement in (11d073c)
  • comma placement in (c160b50)
  • incorrect test logic (56c1397)
  • issue with test (2f49738)
  • more tests for add process (dd94215)
  • - case when base records are missing, plus tests (67df4df)
  • removing unnecessary mp_abort (13ecab8)
  • removing warning from mf_wordsinstr1xxx macros, compiling, fixing MOD changes in (bfe4b1e)
  • test cases in (6e0fe0f)
  • tests (f258d4f)
  • updating mp_stackdiffs with addition module & tests (1fd1a8e)
  • updating test cases (794ceec)
  • updating tests per sasjs/cli#1101 (90adf8d)


  • adding delete capability (and tests) for mp_stackdiffs (bdd22ab)
  • adding ignore_cols (and mdebug) parameters to, as well as a code tidy up (724d3b9)
  • initial header for mp_stackdiffs. Introduces a dependency on DOT (graphviz) for doc generation. (0fd1e47)
  • modification for and associated tests (b69c3b7)
  • new macro to handle function compilation tracking (and associated test). Further updates to support mp_stackdiffs test results so far (6224844)

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