npm @sasjs/core 2.61.0

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7 months ago

2.61.0 (2021-12-17)

Bug Fixes

  • ensuring test for mp_sortinplace passes, fixing uninitialised var in mp_mdtablewrite, fix for non pk table in mp_getformats (82108f4)
  • failing test for mp_getformats (1eb9020)


  • adding ls=max to to reduce log ever so slightly and also to avoid word truncation (fa5d9ef)
  • adding mf_getfmtlist() and mf_getfmtname() macros and associated tests. Also added &sasjswork as a global macro variable in mp_init(). (724cd72)
  • finishing mp_formats and adding a test, including prefix in mp_init, allowing mp_sortinplace to work when there is no primary key, sand other small fixes (ab1030a)
  • mp_getformats() macro. Extracts bformat summary and detail (2629274)

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