npm @sasjs/core 2.55.0

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8 months ago

2.55.0 (2021-12-05)

Bug Fixes

  • adding constraint_order to mp_getconstraints (8c21b93)
  • addressing corrupted unzips in certain cases (966f2cf)
  • enabling binary file support in mp_unzip (f7335b7)


  • adding iftrue condition to mp_dropmembers for easier debug management (7823933)
  • mp_getpk macro (and test). Extracts primary keys from a table or library and presents them at table level in the correct order (of cols within a constraint) (a801e5c)
  • mp_sortinplace and corresponding test. Closes #102. (c4e9ab7)
  • sortinplace macro (17b58d7)

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