npm @sanity/vision 3.36.3

latest releases: 3.39.1-canary.16, 3.39.0, 3.38.1-manifests.43...
22 days ago

Installation and upgrading

To initiate a new Studio without installing the CLI globally:

npm create sanity@latest

To upgrade a Sanity Studio, run this command in its folder:

npm install sanity@latest

Notable changes

  • Increases the default height of the Portable Text editor

Notable bugfixes

  • Fixes the --enforce-required-fields flag for the sanity typegen generate command not correctly respecting validation rules
  • Fixes a few focus issues where the Portable Text editor would sometimes jump to the start of a block or scroll to a previously opened block on focus inside of the Presentation tool
  • Fixes an issue in which when the tasks panel is open, searching for content in the Cmd + K search changes target document rather than searches the studio

📓 Full changelog

Author Message Commit
Tommy Petty fix(pte): update default height of PTE in Form (#6119) 5756753
Sindre Gulseth fix(schema-extraction): check for _required field in validation rules (#6151) 5ba26a5
Cody Olsen chore: add prettier-plugin-packagejson (#6155) 8f7fe70
renovate[bot] chore(deps): update pnpm to v8.15.6 (#6154) 07b0745
renovate[bot] chore(lockfile): update dependency framer-motion to v11.0.24 (#6144) 954c892
Rupert Dunk fix(structure): improve document pane path handling (#6129) 9b4d105
renovate[bot] chore(deps): update babel monorepo (#6159) eb97fe2
renovate[bot] chore(deps): update dependency @types/babel__traverse to ^7.20.5 (#6160) 16f32c9
Sindre Gulseth feat(schema): handle assetRequired when extracting schema with enforceRequiredFields (#6157) cd52979
Sindre Gulseth chore(deps): upgrade groq-js to latest (#6162) 8db7485
Pedro Bonamin fix(tasks): don't open tasks search on hotkey + enter (#6165) d387316
ecospark[bot] chore(deps): dedupe pnpm-lock.yaml (#6164) 74a7a75
Sindre Gulseth chore(codegen): add enforceRequriedFields to spinner output (#6163) b68e650

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