npm @sanity/cli 3.11.2

latest releases: 3.12.1-purple-fairy.57, 3.12.1-purple-fairy.55, 3.12.1-purple-fairy.54...
16 days ago

Installation and upgrading

To initiate a new Studio without installing the CLI globally:

npx create-sanity@latest

To upgrade a v3 Studio:

npm install sanity@latest

🐛 Notable bugfixes

  • Fixes issue where image and file upload fields were not uploading data
  • Fixes issue that would cause the dropdown list of autocomplete suggestions for reference fields to not overflow correctly inside the Portable Text editor
  • Fixes issue where the current value of reference fields would not be displayed in the Portable Text editor
  • Improves performance for arrays and portable text inputs

📓 Full changelog

Espen Hovlandsdalfix(deps): update dependency @sanity/client to 6.1.105b29b7
RitaDiasfix(core): fix image and file upload (#4518)8861dfa
Binoy Patelfix(core): fix PT reference autocomplete being cut off (#4519)6581afd
Per-Kristian Nordnesfix(form/inputs): use ref to value as dependency4c83b91
Per-Kristian Nordnesfix(form/inputs): ensure same empty presence object for PT-input components6c7c4e4
Per-Kristian Nordnesrefactor(form/inputs): simplify tenary statement828e2da
Per-Kristian Nordnesfix(form/inputs): fix re-rendering issue with PT-input block object75dfb9c
Per-Kristian Nordnesrefactor(form/inputs): improve value ref update for ArrayOfObjectsFiledff435ed
Per-Kristian Nordnesrefactor(core/form): make sure empty presence arrays are same object1299d60
Per-Kristian Nordnesrefactor(form/inputs): use stable empty presence from memberItema7ddef9
Binoy Patelfix(core): editing reference input in PTE does not show value (#4499)7a4275e

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