npm @remix-run/react 1.4.1

latest releases: 0.0.0-nightly-c0d1b20-20231209, 2.4.0-pre.8, 2.4.0-pre.7...
19 months ago

What's Changed

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixed a few issues with LiveReload (#2783)
  • Fixed a few more issues with the migrate script (#2784, #2787, #2790)
  • Updated create-remix to use the correct path separator for Windows users (#2763)
  • Ensured parent loaders are called on fetchActionRedirect (#2838)
  • @remix-run/deno: Fixed a property read error in causing the dev server to crash (#2805)
  • @remix-run/deno: Removed the platform arg in createRequestHandler (#2818)

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.4.0...v1.4.1

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