npm @remix-run/react 1.2.3

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21 months ago

What's Changed

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixed a few bugs in React Router and History
  • Fixed a bug where Form and fetcher.Form submissions would throw if an input was named action or method (#1854)
  • Fixed a bug where imports using node: would send unneccesary warning messages (#1232)
  • Fixed a bug where <link prefetch /> would only work as expected for routes with a loader (#2096)

💅 Enhancements

  • Added an ESLint config to all templates in create-remix using the new @remix-run/eslint-config (#2089)
  • remix dev will now load environment variables from .env using dotenv without additional configuration (#2063)
  • Reduced the number of updates required in @remix-run/express when running in watch mode to restart the dev server more quickly (#2094)

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.2.2...v1.2.3

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