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23 months ago

✨ Features

  • Added direct support for deploying to Cloudflare Pages via @remix-run/cloudflare-pages (#1060)
  • Enabled link prefetching of route preloads. When route's export preload links, link prefetching will include those assets in addition to the normal resources (data, js modules, and css) (#569)
  • Added support for multipart form data, which means added support for file uploads 💾 (#383)
  • Added the <Outlet context> prop and useOutletContext hooks from React Router (#939)
  • Added support for ESM output in server builds (#976)
  • Added the ignoredRouteFiles option to remix.config.js. This option accepts an array of glob patterns that Remix will ignore if matching files exist in your routes directory. (#989)
  • Added the serverPlatform option to remix.config.js. The default option is "node" but it can be set to "neutral" for non-Node deployment targets like Cloudflare Workers. (#1084)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixed formatting that caused problems deploying to Digital Ocean's app platform (#849)
  • Fixed a bug the prevented multiple checkbox values from being submitted (#814)
  • Fixed a bug in the Cloudflare Workers adapter setting the wrong KV expiration values (#414)
  • Stopped routes from loading before redirects if they will never render (#858)
  • Fixed a bug where the dev process would not properly exist when using Prisma (#905)
  • Fixed a bug that caused out-of-sync versioning between react and react-dom (#926)
  • Previously was erroneously removed when a fetcher was reloaded or resubmitted. This required apps to duplicate the state into their own app state to build a UI that didn't flicker data. (#1109)

💅 Enhancements

  • Several type improvements (#439)
  • Remove React JSX Transform Warnings in VSCode (#720)
  • We can now surface errors from fetch submissions into boundary components for better error handling (#860)
  • We eliminated most of the starter files when running npx create-remix. You now have a blank slate to begin designing the app of your dreams 💭

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