npm @remix-run/react 0.0.0-experimental-b697c4f3

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2 years ago

What's Changed

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Fix formatting issues causing build to fail in some environments (#849)
  • Fixed a bug in <Form> that was causing some values to override the search params instead of appending them (#814)
  • @remix-run/cloudflare-workers: Use seconds in KV session storage expiration (#910)

Features ✨

  • Add support for file uploads in <Form> (#383)
  • Enable routes to tell links to prefetch any kind of asset without the <link> component needing to know (#569)
  • Add <Outlet context> prop. This prop adds the ability to pass UI state down to nested routes. (#939)
  • Use assetsBuildDirectory instead of the deprecated browserBuildDirectory config option (#587)

Enhancements 💅

  • The json function type now accepts an optional generic argument for the return type (#439)
  • Strip excess error messages in the client on production
  • fix: jokes tutorial actions should return 400 status for errors by @Graham42 in #895
  • fix(fly): use remote-only deploys by @kentcdodds in #930

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.0.6...v0.0.0-experimental-b697c4f3

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