npm @polkadot/util 8.2.2

latest releases: 9.2.2-12, 9.2.2-11, 9.2.2-10...
5 months ago



  • Add isPromise check utility function
  • Add assertUnreachable for codepaths that should not be followed
  • Preserve all-caps word splits in stringCamelCase
  • Adjust x-* fallbacks via x-global/extractGlobal
  • Sync with upstream Substrate ss58 registry
  • Additional tests for bip39 wordlists
  • Maintainability cleanups
  • Update to latest Ledger dependencies
  • Swap to upstream @noble packages
  • Adjust tsconfig with references
  • 8.2.2 (8.2.1 failed CI due to incorrect CHANGELOG)

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