npm @polkadot/util 7.9.1

latest releases: 9.2.2-11, 9.2.2-10, 9.2.2-9...
6 months ago



  • Add strongly typed object{Entries, Keys, Values} utilities
  • Add {hex, u8a}ToBigInt utilities
  • Add bi* utilities for bigint operations (mirror of bn*)
  • Add stringPascalCase utility
  • Add isCodec to check for Codec-like structures
  • Add has* detection shortcuts (e.g. hasWasm or hasBuffer)
  • Add sha256AsU8a util (& replace use internally)
  • Optimize for hexToU8a and u8aToHex functions
  • Optimize u8aEq to use DataView for compares
  • Align base{32, 58, 64}* around (audited) micro-base
  • Space optimization for bip39 wordlists
  • Sync with upstream Substrate ss58 registry
  • Expand tests for uncovered functions

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