npm @polkadot/util 2.6.1

  • Breaking change Following on the 2.0 release, @polkadot/wasm was updated to 1.1+. sr25510 now only verifies 0.8+ signatures, closing the loop on dropping Substrate 1.x-era support
  • Add signatureVerify (message: Uint8Array | string, signature: Uint8Array | string, addressOrPublicKey: Uint8Array | string): VerifyResult to verify any signature, regardless of type. Returns validity & detected crypto type.
  • Add cryptoIsReady (): boolean function to check status of initialization
  • Add addressCheckChecksum (decoded: Uint8Array) as an helper to extract and verify the ss58 checksum
  • Swap to yarn 2, allow use in yarn 2 projects
latest releases: 6.0.1-9, 6.0.1-8, 6.0.1-7...
12 months ago