npm @polkadot/util 2.4.1

  • Ensure that formatBalance does not apply unit overrides apply when no SI is applicable
  • Adjust formatBalance(<balance>, <options>) to take expanded withUnit: string | boolean option where string is an actual unit, e.g. KSM
  • The decimals option to formatBalance should now be passed as part of the options (previous last-param deprecated)
  • The .setSS58Format on keyring will now just operate on pairs created on the keyring, not globally. The global setSS58Format in @polkadot/util-crypto will be deprecated.
  • The deprecated addressPrefix option to keyring has been belatedly removed (Use ss58Format rather)
latest releases: 6.0.1-4, 6.0.1-3, 5.9.3-1...
12 months ago