npm @polkadot/util-crypto 4.0.1

  • Breaking change Polyfills are not injected by these libraries anymore to avoid clobbering external globals, the user should provide them if their environment is missing base functionality.


  • Remove built-in utility polyfills for Array.fill, String.padStart, String.padEnd as well as Object.setPrototypeOf. These should be provided by the actual user of the libraries if so required.
  • Update @polkadot/wasm-crypto library (under-the-hood cleanups)
  • Remove explicit crypto polyfill injection (aligning with updated @polkadot/wasm-crypto)
  • Add cross-environment @polkadot/x-randomvalues (for use in @polkadot/wasm-crypto)
latest releases: 5.3.1, 5.2.4-7, 5.2.4-6...
2 months ago