npm @polkadot/api 4.7.1

Upgrade priority: Low. Recommended for users following Substrate master.


  • Adjust Struct decoding with better error messages on invalid input objects
  • Add support for new BoundedVec type
  • Expand Data type (as used in identity), with all is/as getters
  • Updated Xcm types (with Plularity)
  • Adjust DispatchError type as per current Substrate master
  • Adjusted Statemint Proxy type
  • Remove metadata generation dependency on well-known.json (dedupe)
  • Adjust WebSocket reconnection delay from 1s to 2.5s
  • Revert Beefy keys addition for Westend
  • Add explicit engines config to package.json
  • Support for None in RewardDestination
  • Align with latest substrate metadata
latest releases: 4.15.1, 4.14.2-11, 4.14.2-10...
one month ago