npm @polkadot/api 4.0.1

Upgrade priority: Low. Recommended for users wanting to keep updated with chain changes.

Important In the 4.0 version the default package type has been changed to ESM modules by default. This should not affect usage, however since the output formats changed, a new major version is required.



  • Build to ESM by default (with cjs versions via export map)
  • Enum .toSON() now encodes all keys as camelCase (aligning with the output from Substrate)
  • Add createdAtHash?: Hash to Codec interface (filled-in by storage retrievals)
  • Expose the source hash as wamHash on Abi parsed instances
  • Use parentHash when creating mortal era (handles frequent forks better)
  • Add AccountInfoWithTripleRefCount to cater for latest Substrate
  • Add upgrade block for Westend 49
latest releases: 4.13.2-9, 4.13.2-8, 4.13.2-7...
3 months ago