npm @polkadot/api 2.7.1

Upgrade priority: Medium. Recommended for users of Polkadot/Kusama and api-contract users.


  • Allow for ExtrinsicSignature overrides (defaults to MultiSignature)
  • Update api-contract Blueprint to allow for optional salt (auto if not provided)
  • Support for ink! .contract files (in addition to ABI .json)
  • Fix contract event decoding with pass-through of raw Bytes
  • Fix support for enum encoding in api-contract
  • Support new contract Schedule type as per Substrate
  • Update Kusama/Polkadot known upgrade blocks
  • Adjust typegen generated @polkadot/types imports
  • Adjust internal @polkadot/types imports/exports (overall bundle sizes)
latest releases: 4.14.2-5, 4.14.2-4, 4.14.2-3...
7 months ago