npm @polkadot/api 2.4.1

Upgrade priority: Low. No breaking changes, however it does move api-contract forward with additional features.



  • Add .keysAt & .entriesAt to query maps at a specific blockHash
  • Adjust ordering of type injection, any types: { ... } definitions not have precedence
  • Correctly format Tuples in both RPC and const definitions as part of type generation
  • Add node-template to known types (tracking inside API), remove warnings for the spec
  • Add initial implementation for new Substrate MultiAddress type
  • Add api.derive.chain.subscribeNewBlocks for full block retrievals
  • Contracts identifiers to .{exec, read}('name', ...) now matches on both snake_case and camelCase (consistency)
  • Cleanup contracts serialization for messages to allow both to and from
  • Add deserialization of contract events against the ABI
  • Adjust contracts metadata parsing to be future-proof with type retrievals
  • Add tests for Solang into contracts, re-organize layout per type
latest releases: 4.13.2-10, 4.13.2-9, 4.13.2-8...
7 months ago