npm @polkadot/api 2.10.1

Upgrade priority: Low. Recommended when following Substrate master and/or parachains development, contains the latest types for both.

  • Breaking change If using the staking.query derive, you now need to pass flags as to which values to retrieve


  • Ensure that maximum era is limited to consts.system.blockHashCount (don't overflow on very low blocktimes)
  • Apply current Polkadot master parachain types
  • Apply current Substrate master asset types
  • Add system_{addLogFilter, resetLogFilter} RPCs
  • Adjust tests for latest Substrate metadata
  • Adjust staking derives to be more performant (flags indicate which query values to retrieve)
  • Add account derive to cater for the availability of identities
  • Use import type in all cases
latest releases: 4.13.2-9, 4.13.2-8, 4.13.2-7...
6 months ago