npm @polkadot/api 2.0.1

Upgrade priority: Medium. Required for all teams building on Substrate 2.0 for full compatibility.

  • Important The RefCount type (used by query.system.accounts) has been changed to a u32. On older chains supply the RefCount: 'RefCountTo259' override
  • Breaking change Metadata versions before v9 as not supported anymore. v4 was the first version to go with the Substrate 1.0 while Kusama itself starts at v9 as the earliest version. This means that Substrate 1.x chains that have not had any upgrades are not supported in this version of the API anymore.
  • Breaking change Extrinsic versions before v4 (1-3) are not supported anymore. This aligns with the above metadata change, where v4 is the canonical version.
  • Breaking change Support for the old-style linked-map retrievals via query.<module>.map() have been dropped, only the existing .keys()/.entries() are available for map iteration.



  • Drop support for Substrate 1.0 metadata versions 1-8
  • Drop support for Substrate 1.0 extrinsics version 1-3
  • Add support for grandpa_proveFinality RPC
  • Drop support for linked map queries not via .entries (deprecated since early versions of Substrate 2)
  • Support .entries() on older chains without queryStorageAt support
  • Add bounty type definitions from treasury palette
  • Adjust RefCount type as per substrate 2.0
  • Add PalletVersion types for future palette versioning
  • Adjust formatting for Per{cent, bill, mill} without instance checks
  • Skip invalid keys on validator retrievals
latest releases: 4.14.2-4, 4.14.2-3, 4.14.2-2...
8 months ago