npm @polkadot/api 1.8.1

  • Breaking change The format for any custom RPCs have been changed alongside API-internal changes to allow for better RPC management. If you are currently using custom RPCs (or planning to do so), look at the updated documentation
  • Breaking change Alongside API RPC changes, the @polkadot/jsonrpc package has been removed. Since it was never documented and only used internally, this should not have adverse impacts. All RPC definitions itself has now been moved to the relevant modules inside @polkadot/types/interfaces
  • Important Substrate has an updated democracy module. If using an older chain add the ReferendumInfo: 'ReferendumInfoTo239' type when using referendums
  • The isRetracted Extrinsic status is now a warning, not a fatal error, correctly aligning with Polkadot/Substrate
  • The Substrate extrinsic phase definitions has been expanded with Initialization to align with the latest versions
  • Add support for all known substrate RPC methods
  • Extend account derives to include status flags, e.g. isCouncil, isSudo, ...
  • Adjusted referendum derives to cater for bot new/old democracy. Derived referendumInfo now includes status field, not info
  • Add initWasm flag to API options, that when set to false does not init the WASM portion (leaving it to the user elsewhere)
latest releases: 4.13.2-11, 4.13.2-10, 4.13.2-9...
14 months ago