npm @polkadot/api 1.6.1

  • Breaking change api.rpc.state.queryStorage(...) now fully decodes the Vec<StorageChangeSet> and returns a decoded [Hash, Codec[]][] when using this RPC.
  • StorageKey now has an .args property, decoded from meta where twox64_concat or blake128_concat are used on maps
  • Fix api.query.*.*.entries type conversions to return exact types (not Option in some cases)
  • Add api.query.*.*.keys to retrieve only the storage keys, similar to .entries
  • Full linked map retrievals will now use direct getStorage queries for faster operation
  • Underlying rpc-core interfaces now unwraps Error("...") when found in responses
  • Added derive.eras* interfaces for queries to new Substrate staking interfaces
  • Update derive.account to cater for new indices module storage (detected with fallbacks)
  • Adjust derive queries for session without module prefix (DoubleMap -> Map), detected on use
  • Add runtime validation for map arguments to api.query.*
  • TypeScript interfaces for linked maps now correctly generates as [Type, Linkage<Next>]
latest releases: 4.14.2-5, 4.14.2-4, 4.14.2-3...
15 months ago