npm @polkadot/api 1.5.1

  • Important Substrate master has updated staking, on older chains supply StakingLedger: 'StakingLedgerTo223'
  • Important Substrate master has updated collective, on older chains supply Votes: 'VotesTo230'
  • Add proper support for type generation with an Enum containing an Tuple (Thanks to
  • Fix storage parsing not resulting in rejected Promises (Fix from applied)
  • Remove use of deprecated Observable.create (Thanks to
  • Add types & metadata for the latest Polkadot/Substrate runtime versions (master branches)
  • Type extraction will now allow the same sub-module name across packages, i.e. @polkadot/types/interfaces/runtime & @mine/interfaces/runtime will be valid
  • Add .range([from, to]: [Hash, Hash?], ...args: any[]): [Hash, Codec][] on all storage entries
  • Add .raw(...args: any[]): Promise<Uint8Array & Codec> to all RPC calls, returning the un-encoded result
  • Allow pre-module type aliasing with typesAlias: { <moduleName>: { <meta-type>: <alias-type> } } in API construction options
  • Allow BTreeMap to be initialized with a Record<string, any> object (in addition to Map)
  • Allow for HashMap<KeyType, ValueType> definitions
  • Bool will now correctly return isEmpty on false/default values
  • Refresh the NetworkState types as returned by the rpc.system.networkState() call to current
  • Expose registry.createClass(<typeName>) to allow for creating type classes. If you are using createClass or ClassOf in your code, it is recommended to swap to this instance.
  • Add additional derives to api.derive.staking to handle lazy-payout retrievals
  • Update @polkadot/{util, util-crypto, keyring} to 1.6.1 & @polkadot/wasm to 1.2.1
latest releases: 4.15.1, 4.14.2-11, 4.14.2-10...
15 months ago