npm @polkadot/api 1.32.1

Upgrade priority: Low. Recommended when manually using provider connect/disconnect or using multiple instances in a single process.

  • Breaking change Previously .isReady could throw an error, now it will always succeed on connection. For trapping errors, use the .isReadyOrError variant on the API
  • Breaking change The isConnected provider interface is now a getter, replacing previous calls to provider.isConnected(). Additionally the provider.disconnect() is now async, aligning with .connect().



  • Adjust memoization to work on a per-instance basis, with no contamination between multiple api/provider instances
  • Added derive.chain.getBlock(hash) to retrieve a SignedBlock extended with an .author (same as derive.chain.getHeader(...))
  • Added api.{connect, disconnect}() as well as isConnected interfaces. The first functions async returning Promise<void>
  • Error on provider connections will now emit all (as expected) via the event emitter
  • Ensure that initial connection failures always retry (when using auto-connection management)
  • The api.derive.staking.query/queryMulti no longer retrieves session keys (can be done via .keys/keysMulti)
  • Add api.derive.accounts.accountId to perform AccountId lookups (from indices or actual AccountId)
  • Lessen load of paymentInfo queries to only use accounId mappings as available
  • Adjust staking derives to cater for early Substrate 2.0 chains (optional/non-optional EraIndexes)
  • Cater for the handling of nested aliased types, e.g. wrapped inside Vec or Tuple
  • Add the support for the grandpa_subscribeJustifications RPC
  • Adjust Call.toHuman() to remove decoding-related technical internal details
  • Static metadata & tests updated for the latest substrate master
  • toHuman() & .toBigInt() has been explicitly added to the API documentation
  • Adjust known types for latest Kusama network state
latest releases: 4.15.1, 4.14.2-11, 4.14.2-10...
9 months ago