npm @polkadot/api 1.2.1

  • Important Update RPC status codes (latest Substrate 2), with the isInBlock (isFinalized now indicates finality)
  • Storage .entries(arg?: any) now has the correct argument type for DoubleMap (Thanks to
  • Swap Kusama and Polkadot aliasses for Address to AccountId (future update)
  • Add LookupSource and LookupTarget types instead of mapping these directly for aliassing
  • Add BitVec type primitive
  • Add support for system.account for balance & nonce queries in derives as well as Submittables (Substrate composites)
  • Add and RPCs
  • Add derives for the parachains interfaces
  • Applied the latest types for Polkadot parachains
  • registry.findMetaError now can take in a DispatchErrorModule object for error lookups (from asModule in DispatchError)
  • Metadata now correctly serializes to the original input data via toHex() & toU8a()
  • Metadata documentation generation rework, including the output of errors from metadata
  • Update all examples and comments to use latest system.account queries (instead of system.accountNonce and balances.freeBalance/balances.reservedBalance)
  • Cleanup codec/Date tests to make it run properly on all timezones
  • Add explicit dependencies to all packages and move TypeScript @types/* to dev deps
latest releases: 4.15.1, 4.14.2-11, 4.14.2-10...
16 months ago