npm @polkadot/api 1.18.1

  • Expand docs on node-template types (Thanks to
  • Update contract fees to current impl. (Thanks to
  • Allow Option types in enum/Result type generation (Thanks to
  • Add .entriesPaged and .keysPaged methods for state maps (
  • Support for latest Polkadot CC1, Kusama, Westend & Substrate types
  • Add types for new Substrate proxy module
  • Adjust types for new Substrate (renamed) npos-elections module
  • Call now exposes method & section fields (aligned with toHuman() representation)
  • Cater for new Substrate string subscription ids (with backwards compatibility)
  • @polkadot/util 2.13
latest releases: 4.13.2-9, 4.13.2-8, 4.13.2-7...
12 months ago