npm @polkadot/api 1.11.1

  • Important Substrate master has an updated Weight (to u64), on older chains apply Weight: 'u32' (This does affect event decoding if wrongly set)
  • Allow user type augmentation to work with different versions of rxjs (Thanks to
  • Align augmented generation with camelCase (Thanks to
  • Fix bitfield endian encoding (Thanks to investigation by
  • Add account flag derives via accounts.flags(accountId) (Thanks to
  • Fix entries decoding for Option<Number> (& simplify, decoding correctly on rpc layer)
  • Add system.{localPeerId, localListenAddresses} & state.getReadProof RPCs
  • Ensure proper propagation of api.runtimeVersion (used for signing) after upgrade
  • Field ordering fix for deprecated Linkage (used in linked maps)
  • now returns all field enum types decoded (not only raw)
  • Add banner with FAQ entries for node-template to aid with common issues
  • Digest has been moved to definitions, removal of GenericDigest type
  • Support Fixed128 type
  • Add transactionVersion to RuntimeVersion struct
  • Enhance API support for non-subscription providers (skip subscription to runtimeVersion)
  • Adjust types for Kusama 1057 (notably the new StakingLedger)
latest releases: 4.15.1, 4.14.2-11, 4.14.2-10...
14 months ago