npm @polkadot/api 1.1.1

  • Important Chains without balances.account or system.account should supply "BalanceLock": "BalanceLockTo212" to their types to use the previous-generation BalanceLock (when querying locks)
  • Add support for balances.account in all applicable derives (incl. vesting module)
  • Inject and use SignedExtensions by name from V11 metadata (V4 extrinsics only)
  • Add typings for api.tx.*.* - the polkadot-types-from-chain now also generates these
  • Remove additional V1-only derives (staking.recentlyOffline, balances.nominatorsFor)
  • Add .isMax() on int values, an opposite of isZero() (e.g. u128, as well as derived, e.g. Balances)
  • Add .keyPrefix() to all api.query.* complementing the .key() call, both returning a hex string
  • Council derives now takes bootstrapping (member, no elections) into account
  • Account derives now allow for an optional indices module (not required)
  • Adjust balances fees derivation with optional transfer and creation fees (removed in Substrate)
  • Adjust enum .toJSON() to return type name as specified
latest releases: 4.14.2-4, 4.14.2-3, 4.14.2-2...
16 months ago