npm @polkadot/api 1.0.1

  • Breaking change Drop support for Substrate v1 chain in all derives
  • Return unsub functions from provider .on emitters (Thanks to
  • ApiPromise.isReady now rejects on unrecoverable errors (Thanks to
  • Add polkadot-types-from-chain & polkadot-types-from-defs TypeScript generators to @polkadot/types
  • Only decorate derives where relevant parent api.query.* is available
  • Support .entries(arg?: any) lookups on DoubleMaps (in addition to previously supported maps)
  • Allow v9 metadata to parse even in cases where it was wrongly deployed pre-v10
  • Allow type-aliases on a per-module basis (e.g. Judgement in identity as well as society)
  • Allow passing { signer } to both api.tx.* and api.sign (in addition to api.setSigner)
  • Add derives for the society module
  • Don't map empty tuples, e.. () to Null, rather keep them empty
  • Add lookups to the metadata errors via findMetaError
  • Update metadata and types for the latest Substrate & Polkadot versions
  • Support metadata V11 as per latest Substrate
  • Remove support for un-deployed metadata
  • Remove old known types for Substrate V1
latest releases: 4.14.2-4, 4.14.2-3, 4.14.2-2...
16 months ago