npm @polkadot/api 0.91.1

  • This release was focussed on stability, with a number of cleanups and bug-fixes
  • Adjustments for Substrate 1.x chain detection (with auto-types) and Substrate 2.x support has been extended with all latest types
  • The getRuntimeVersion and subscribeRuntimeVersion RPCs are now only available on the rpc.state.* endpoints. This aligns with the Substrate implementation.
  • The author_insertKey RPC's last argument publicKey is now required, as to reflect Substrate implementation.
  • Support for extrinsics with versions that is not in the base Substrate implementation (V1-V3) can now be done by providing an implementation for ExtrinsicUnknown
  • Redeemed balance calculation if api.derive now returns the correct values again (bugfix)
    added the yarn chain:info [--ws URL] utility to extract a calls-only metadata version
  • Missing types are now logged via a console.warn, not via .error
  • Extrinsic, ExtrinsicPayload & SignerPayload is registered in the type registry and can be overriden now
latest releases: 4.13.2-11, 4.13.2-10, 4.13.2-9...
21 months ago