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11 days ago

16.3.0-beta.8 (2023-05-25)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: export a default module for require calls (#17189) (5b028e4)
  • core: cleanup task hasher (a9f1d3a)
  • core: handle multiple messages (#17199) (c57f7b8)
  • core: optimize task hasher speed when dealing with external nodes (42ffa7c)
  • core: update package-manager utils to normalize yarn-path when migrating (#17088) (c9ec7d0)
  • core: use version range check for yarn tarball packages (0dfe6fc)
  • devkit: return null for ESM dependencies instead of throwing error in ensurePackage (#17195) (6d586dd)
  • nextjs: Generate an unstyled component when --style=none (#17196) (3c77bd7)
  • nextjs: set NX_NEXT_DIR when running next server (#17205) (47de95e)
  • nextjs: support config files with dots in filename (#17204) (45a0171)
  • react: fix typings for generated redux files (#17171) (4b5ebc8)
  • react: use fork for module-federation-dev-server so processes are cleaned up correctly (#17194) (7cc67a3)
  • testing: make sure new tsconfig exists before adding ref (#17147) (15ea10e)
  • web: use loopback address when checking if a port is open (#17192) (fe4682a)


  • core: limit on-screen choices for list-type generator prompts (#17198) (fd6794f)
  • js: add verdaccio executor (#16928) (be2ccb8)
  • js: do not invoke explicit dependency analysis when not files to analyze (b721649)
  • misc: allow patterns matching for dev remotes and skip remotes (#17185) (d030a21)
  • testing: add --randomize flag for jest (#17148) (2ed8bbf)
  • testing: support cypress reporterOptions as objects (#17149) (26313f1)
  • vite: add cssCodeSplit in build options (#17213) (636b911)

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