npm @nrwl/devkit 16.3.0-beta.4

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18 days ago

16.3.0-beta.4 (2023-05-20)

Bug Fixes

  • core: clone project graph during incremental update (8b1907a)
  • core: correct require path when pulling in ngcli adapter for generators (d786fae)
  • core: pnpm should not error when fetching migrations with install (faba249)
  • react-native: fix android keystore not generated correctly (#17074) (b0b531a)
  • repo: add missing lsof package needed to kill ports (c9cd67e)
  • vite: register tsconfig paths for vitest (#17047) (9fc99c6)
  • web: provide free port to http-server (#16917) (4896126)


  • nextjs: Add --turbo support (#17069) (8ce9606)
  • nx-dev: add watch to automatically sync docs to nx-dev when developing locally (3472897)

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