npm @next/bundle-analyzer 13.4.4-canary.11

latest releases: 13.4.5-canary.7, 13.4.5-canary.6, 13.4.5-canary.5...
12 days ago

Core Changes

  • do not apply sass loader on existing loaders: #50308
  • Add missing react-dom/client alias: #50324
  • Fix missing error when using Actions on the client layer without enabling the feature flag: #50257
  • remove allowlist, only use denylist, enable newly passing tests: #50325

Misc Changes

  • Fix middleware e2e deploy test: #50317
  • Parallelize Turbopack CI tests: #50292


Huge thanks to @ijjk, @sokra, @huozhi, and @shuding for helping!

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