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Release 5.8.0

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2 years ago

New additions to our supported documents list

Plastic page passports

We added support for scanning the visual inspection zone - VIZ includes everything except MRZ or barcode. Keep in mind that BlinkID scans and extracts data only from the VIZ that is on the first plastic page found in the passport list below:

  • Chile Passport (BETA)
  • Colombia Passport
  • Croatia Passport
  • Denmark Passport
  • Finland Passport (BETA)
  • Germany Passport
  • Hong Kong Passport (BETA)
  • Ireland Passport (BETA)
  • Malaysia Passport
  • Netherlands Passport
  • New Zealand Passport
  • Norway Passport
  • Singapore Passport
  • South Africa Passport
  • Sweden Passport
  • Turkey Passport (BETA)

Vertical US documents

  • California ID
  • Illinois ID
  • New York ID
  • North Carolina ID
  • Texas ID

Other documents

  • Canada Newfoundland and Labrador DL
  • Croatia Residence Permit (BETA)
  • Guatemala Consular ID
  • Malaysia MyKAS (BETA)
  • Mexico Jalisco DL / front side only
  • Mexico Nuevo Leon DL (BETA)
  • Peru ID (BETA)
  • Singapore S Pass (BETA)
  • Uruguay ID / front side only
  • USA Missouri ID
  • USA Texas ID

European DLs with a single line MRZ

BlinkID extracts data from driver’s licenses that contain single line MRZ:

  • Croatia DL
  • Estonia DL
  • France DL
  • Ireland DL
  • Netherlands DL
  • Slovakia DL

Back side supported on:

  • Azerbaijan ID
  • Singapore DL
  • Singapore Employment Pass

No longer BETA

  • Slovakia DL

New features and updates in BlinkID(Combined)Recognizer

  • We added signatureImage to the result. Extract signature image from the documents below:

    • Australia Victoria DL
    • Austria ID
    • Austria DL
    • Brunei Military ID
    • Colombia ID
    • Croatia ID (on 2013 and 2015 versions)
    • Cyprus ID
    • Czechia ID (on the 2012 version)
    • Germany ID (2010 version)
    • Germany DL (2013 version)
    • Indonesia ID
    • Ireland DL
    • Italy DL
    • Mexico Voter ID
    • New Zealand DL
    • Slovenia ID
    • Spain DL
    • Sweden DL
    • Switzerland ID
    • UAE ID
    • UAE Resident ID
  • We enabled extraction of the date of birth from the NRIC from Malaysian documents:

    • MyKad
    • MyKas
    • MyKid
    • MyPR
    • MyTentera
  • We added anonymization support for:

    • MRZ (OPT2 containing the ID number) on China Mainland Travel Permit Hong Kong
    • MRZ (Document number) on Germany Alien Passport
    • Document number, MRZ (Document number) on Germany ID
    • MRZ (Document number) on Germany Minors Passport
    • MRZ (Document number) on Germany Passport
    • Document number on Hong Kong ID
    • MRZ (Document number, OPT1 containing the passport or ID number) on Hong Kong Passport
    • Personal ID number on Netherlands DL
    • Personal ID number, MRZ (OPT1 containing the BSN) on Netherlands ID
    • MRZ (OPT1 containing the BSN) on Netherlands Passport
    • Document number on Singapore DL
    • Personal ID number on Singapore Employment Pass
    • Document number on Singapore FIN Card
    • Document number on Singapore ID
    • MRZ (Document number, OPT1 containing the NRIC) on Singapore Passport
    • Document number on Singapore Resident ID
    • Document number on Singapore S Pass
    • Personal ID number on Singapore Work Permit
    • MRZ (OPT1 containing the resident registration number) on South Korea Diplomatic Passport
    • MRZ (OPT1 containing the resident registration number) on South Korea Passport
    • MRZ (OPT1 containing the resident registration number) on South Korea Residence Passport
    • MRZ (OPT1 containing the resident registration number) on South Korea Service Passport
    • MRZ (OPT1 containing the resident registration number) on South Korea Temporary Passport
  • We improved MRZ data extraction on:

    • Russia Passport
  • Added additional recognizer options:

    • BarcodeScanningStartedCallback callback that is invoked when barcode recognition is started.
    • ClassifierCallback callback that is invoked when document classification is completed.
    • allowedDocumentClasses property which indicates whether the given document is supported or not.
  • Added support for filtering only specific document classes.

UI component

  • We added a UI component in the format of a custom web element to use BlinkID on your web in an effortless way.
  • Check out the README file for instructions on how to use UI component, or check the ui directory for complete source code.

Other features and updates

  • We added the field middleName to BlinkID(Combined)Recognizer, IDBarcodeRecognizer and USDL(Combined)Recognizer results. This field is extracted from AAMVA standard compliant barcodes, whenever available.

Minor API changes

  • We removed workerLocation property from WasmSDKLoadSettings.
    • Web worker is now inlined into the source code, which simplifies the SDK deployment and usage.
    • Property engineLocation in WasmSDKLoadSettings must be an absolute path.
    • Removed useWebWorker property from WasmSDKLoadSettings, since web worker is now always used as it provides much better user experience
      and does not block the UI browser thread.


  • We improved the data match logic for Guatemala Consular ID in BlinkID(Combined)Recognizer.
  • We fixed the initialization promise chain so that you can handle all initialization errors with a single error handler (Issue #13).

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