npm @microblink/blinkid-in-browser-sdk 5.5.1
Release 5.5.1

latest releases: 6.0.1, 6.0.0, 5.20.1...
2 years ago
  • Removed alert() from VideoRecognizer and added allowManualVideoPlayout to constructor of VideoRecognizer class
  • Added locateFile method to MicroblinkSDK to fix problem when SDK is not using web worker
  • File package.json
    • Added field engines to explicitly specify Node version which was used during development
    • Fixed typo in repository field so NPM package can be used with yarn, closes #5
  • Documentation
    • Added more information and renamed section "Optimal deployment of your web app" to "Deployment guidelines"
    • Added links to Codepen examples and official demo app

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