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Release 5.17.0

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8 months ago


Changes to BlinkID(Combined) Recognizer

  • We've introduced the expanded DataMatch functionality for the BlinkID with the new result member called dataMatchDetailedInfo
    • This result member will enable you to see for which field has been performed, or it did not, the DataMatch functionality. This is enabled for dateOfBirth, documentNumber and dateOfExpiry.
    • For example, if the date of expiry is scanned from the front and back side of the document and values do not match, this method will return DataMatchResult: Failed.
    • Result will be DataMatchResult: Success only if scanned values for all fields that are compared are the same. If data matching has not been performed, the result will be DataMatchResult: NotPerformed. This information is available for every of the three mentioned field values above.
  • We've fixed issues with scanning Argentina AlienID, where there were confusions with the regular ID. ClassInfo now correctly returns which ID type is present based on the barcode data.

Platform-related SDK changes

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Due to security reasons, we've added a mechanism to load worker script from an external location.
    • New property WasmSDKLoadSettings.workerLocation was added for this purpose and represents a path to the external worker script file.
    • If omitted, SDK will look for the worker script in the resources directory.

UI Improvements

  • We've added property recognitionPauseTimeout to the UI component that defines scanning pause after the first side of a document has been scanned.
    • The purpose of this property is to give the end-user enough time to flip the document before scanning is resumed.
    • Default value is 3800 and represents time in milliseconds.
  • We've exposed property cameraExperienceStateDurations on the UI component that can be used to change the default durations of UI animations.

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