npm @microblink/blinkid-in-browser-sdk 5.16.0
Release 5.16.0

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11 months ago


We've added new documents to our list of supported documents:


  • Austria - ID Card (front only)
  • Germany - ID Card

Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Brazil - ID Card (beta)
  • Colombia - ID Card (front only)
  • Ecuador - ID Card


  • Baja California Sur - Driving Licence (beta)
  • Ciudad De Mexico - Driving Licence (front only)
  • Colima - Driving Licence (front only, beta)
  • Michoacan - Driving Licence (beta)
  • Nayarit - Driving Licence (beta)
  • Quintana Roo Solidaridad - Driving Licence (front only)
  • Tlaxcala - Driving Licence
  • Veracruz - Driving Licence (beta)


  • Australia - Northern Territory (beta)


  • Japan - My Number Card (front only)
  • Singapore - Resident ID

Northern America

  • USA - Missouri - ID Card
  • USA - Nevada - Driving Licence
  • USA - New York City - ID Card
  • USA - Oklahoma - ID Card

Back side support added:

  • Mexico - Chiapas - Driving License

No longer BETA:

  • Mexico - Baja California - Driving Licence
  • Mexico - Chihuahua - Driving Licence
  • Mexico - Coahuila - Driving Licence
  • Mexico - Guanajuato - Driving Licence
  • Mexico - Mexico - Driving Licence

Changes to BlinkID(Combined) Recognizer

  • Added the setting saveCameraFrames for saving camera frames with the default value being false.
    • New result members are also available here: frontCameraFrame, backCameraFrame, barcodeCameraFrame.
    • Memory consumption significantly increases if set to true.
  • We've added new result members when scanning Australian Driving Licences: vehicleClass, licenceType, effectiveDate and expiryDate.
    • Result member are displayed under the VehicleClassInfo field; we can also extract data from multiple rows when this vehicle class info data is present on the document (e.g. multiple expiry dates for different vehicle classes).
  • We've added new enum values:
    • Region: QUINTANA_ROO, QUINTANA_ROO_SOLIDARIDAD, TLAXCALA which are available when scanning Mexican Driving Licences.
    • Type: MY_NUMBER_CARD which is available when scanning Japanese My Number Card documents.
  • We've added new result member additionalOptionalAddressInformation which gives additional address information about the document owner.
    • This result member can be present when scanning the Pakistani ID Card for the field Country of Stay.

Changes to IDBarcodeRecognizer

  • For barcodes in countries: Argentina, Colombia, Nigeria, Panama, and South Africa, we now also extract data from the field Sex when it's populated with the character "X".


  • We've added support for Brazil ID Card when the cardholder's face image is rotated for 90 degrees on the document.
    • We will return face image and document image + data from VIZ part present on the back side.
  • BlinkIdCombinedRecognizer can return the full frame from the front side if saveCameraFrames is set to true, whereas before it returned the full frame only for the back side.

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