npm @microblink/blinkid-in-browser-sdk 5.15.0
Release 5.15.0

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15 months ago


We support the latest versions of these documents:


  • Belgium - Driving License (front only)
  • Croatia - ID Card
  • France - ID Card
  • France - Residence Permit (beta)
  • Spain - ID Card
  • Switzerland - Residence Permit
  • UK - Residence Permit


  • Australia - Northern Territory - Driving License (front only, beta)

Middle East and Africa

  • UAE - ID Card
  • UAE - Resident ID

Northern America

  • Honduras - ID Card (beta)
  • USA - Colorado - ID Card
  • USA - Minnesota - Driving License
  • USA - Nevada - Driving License
  • USA - Oklahoma - Driving License
  • USA - Wyoming - Driving License

Changes to BlinkID(Combined) Recognizer

  • No API changes


  • We now support DataMatch functionality on single side documents (Passports)
    • We added a special case to support DataMatch for UAE ID Card and Resident ID Card documents for the field personal_id_number
  • We can now extract additional_personal_id_number on Ecuador ID Card
  • We've made improvements for reading NRIC number on Malaysian documents that have an asterisk (*) character present
  • We've improved document detection and cropping of the document image

Changes to IDBarcodeRecognizer

  • We've added document type ArgentinaAlienID and parser for ArgentinaAlienID2012BarcodeParser

Platform-related SDK changes

  • We've added methods for programmatically starting camera and image scan when using the UI component.
    • It's possible to call startCameraScan() and startImageScan(File) methods on the custom web element.
  • We've standardized error structures returned from the WebAssembly library and the UI component.
    • See SDKError.ts and ErrorTypes.ts for a complete list of possible error codes.
  • We've completed support for part:: selector and added an example.
  • We've simplified integration of the UI component with Angular and React frameworks.
    • Integration guide for Angular
    • Integration guide for React

Bug fixes

  • We've ensured that all SDK errors can be visible from fatalError and scanError events in the UI component.

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