npm @microblink/blinkid-in-browser-sdk 5.11.2
Release 5.11.2

latest releases: 6.0.1, 6.0.0, 5.20.1...
23 months ago


SDK changes

  • We've exposed a couple of functions that are used by the SDK to determine which WebAssembly bundle to load and from which location
    • Function detectWasmType() returns the best possible WebAssembly bundle based on the features a browser supports.
    • Function wasmFolder( WasmType ) returns the name of the resources subfolder of the provided WebAssembly bundle type.
    • For more information on how to implement these functions, see WasmLoadUtils.ts file.

UI Improvements

  • You can now set a camera feedback message to the user when BlinkID IDBarcode recognizer is used
    • Set showCameraFeedbackBarcodeMessage property to display a custom message.
    • Use translations property to translate a custom message.
  • Camera rectangle cursor is more responsive now when BlinkID IDBarcode recognizer is used.


  • Container width size on UI component for action label (Scan or choose from gallery) and action buttons (Device camera and From gallery) are now responsive on Safari.

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