npm @material-ui/system 4.0.0-beta.0

Apr 28, 2019

A big thanks to the 21 contributors who made this release possible!

Here are some highlights ✨:

  • ♿️ Significantly improve the keyboard behavior of the menu (#15360, #15495) @ryancogswell.
  • 💅 Generate global class names (#15140) @oliviertassinari.
  • 📦 Add example integration with Preact (#15401).
  • 🔥 Continue the TypeScript and hook demos migration @merceyz, @bh1505, @donigianrp, @eluchsinger, @eps1lon, @lksilva.
  • 🎀 4 more core components migrated from Classes to Hooks @joshwooding.
  • 📦 Reduce the cost of using the Modal by -74% standalone (#15466).
  • And many more 🐛 bug fixes and 💄 improvements.

The library has entered the beta phase of v4.
We are grateful to all the contributors that have helped us so far.
We will focus or effort on the stability of the library for the next two weeks.
We don't plan more breaking changes, at the exception of changes that are required to fix bugs or that have minor impacts.
We hope we can release v4 on May 15th, one year after v1.

Please try the beta out! You can find an upgrade guide to ease the transition.
You will learn more about v4 in the final release blog post and our plans for the future.


Breaking changes

  • [styles] Generate global class names (#15140) @oliviertassinari
    Remove the dangerouslyUseGlobalCSS options (makes it the default behavior).
  • [Modal] -74% bundle size reduction when used standalone (#15466) @oliviertassinari
    Remove the classes customization API for the Modal component.
  • [core] Remove RootRef usage (#15347) @joshwooding
    The Modal and Dialog child needs to be able to hold a ref.
  class Component extends React.Component {
    render() {
      return <div />
  -const MyComponent = props => <div {...props} />
  +const MyComponent = React.forwardRef((props, ref) => <div ref={ref} {...props} />);
  <Modal><Component /></Modal>
  <Modal><MyComponent /></Modal>
  <Modal><div /></Modal>
  • [ClickAwayListener] Hide react-event-listener (#15420) @oliviertassinari
  • [Slide] Convert to function component (#15344) @joshwooding
    The child needs to be able to hold a ref.
  class Component extends React.Component {
    render() {
      return <div />
  -const MyComponent = props => <div {...props} />
  +const MyComponent = React.forwardRef((props, ref) => <div ref={ref} {...props} />);
  <Slide><Component /></Slide>
  <Slide><MyComponent /></Slide>
  <Slide><div /></Slide>


  • [TextField] Update labelWidth for outline variant if required is updated (#15386) @dmiller9911
  • [Breadcrumbs] Fix types and enable component generic props (#15414) @Atralbus
  • [TextField] Pass rowsMin prop to underlying abstractions (#15411) @pachuka
  • [SelectInput] Convert to function component (#15410) @joshwooding
  • [Link] Improve TypeScript integration with react-router (#15412) @pachuka
  • [ButtonBase] Remove dead style (#15503) @koshea
  • [Menu] Improve performance and add support for variants (#15360) @ryancogswell
  • [MenuList] Add text keyboard focus navigation (#15495) @ryancogswell
  • [Modal] -74% bundle size reduction (#15466) @oliviertassinari
  • [Paper] Fix color inheritance issue using nested themes (#15465) @mustafahlvc
  • [Popper] Convert to function component (#15405) @joshwooding
  • [Radio][Checkbox] Revert breaking changes (#15483) @oliviertassinari
  • [Select] Display 0 as a valid value, fix a propType warning (#15468) @Princezhm
  • [Slider] Add Customized Slider Demo (#15478) @bh1505
  • [Snackbar] Convert to function component (#15504) @adeelibr
  • [Textarea] Fix cursor jump (#15436) @oliviertassinari
  • [Textarea] Remove rowsMin prop (#15430) @pachuka


  • [styles] Add type test for withStyles + ref (#15383) @eps1lon
  • [styles] Warn if @material-ui/styles is duplicated (#15422) @oliviertassinari
  • [styles] Generate global class names (#15140) @oliviertassinari


  • [docs] Add Button + react-router TypeScript demo (#15382) @eps1lon
  • [docs] Add CustomizedSwitches TypeScript demo (#15424) @donigianrp
  • [docs] Add Interactive List TypeScript demos (#15416) @lksilva
  • [docs] Add Nested List and Switch List Secondary TypeScript demos (#15493) @bh1505
  • [docs] Add ref vs dom node prop explanation (#15458) @eps1lon
  • [docs] Add Selected List Item to TypeScript demos (#15417) @lksilva
  • [docs] Add SkipNav (#15409) @mbrookes
  • [docs] Add some Selection-Controls TypeScript demos (#15408) @bh1505
  • [docs] Add switches typescript demo (#15384) @JarkEMones
  • [docs] Add TypeScript demo for hook+props based styling (#15459) @eps1lon
  • [docs] Document Tooltip breaking changes (#15403) @joshwooding
  • [docs] Fix modal demo jumping on cursor move (#15462) @eps1lon
  • [docs] Improve CSS Grid documentation (#15477) @dmwyatt
  • [docs] Improved demo transpiling (#15438) @merceyz
  • [docs] material-table demo: persist the changes (#15392) @mbrn
  • [docs] Migrate Divider demos to hooks (#15490) @merceyz
  • [docs] Migrate Drawer demos to hooks (#15487) @merceyz
  • [docs] Migrate List demos to hooks (#15488) @merceyz
  • [docs] Migrate Paper demos to hooks (#15489) @merceyz
  • [docs] Migrate picker demos to hooks (#15390) @merceyz
  • [docs] Migrate Table demos to hooks (#15486) @merceyz
  • [docs] Migrate TextField demos to hooks (#15434) @merceyz
  • [docs] Remove unused imports and declarations (#15479) @merceyz
  • [docs] Separate out selection controls to own pages (#15427) @mbrookes
  • [docs] Small grammar fix for Menu (#15475) @mbrookes
  • [docs] Transfer List TypeScript Demo (#15419) @eluchsinger
  • [example] Add preact-next example (#15401) @oliviertassinari
  • [example] Fix gatsby-next (#15406) @TheHolyWaffle


  • [core] Fix the CI fail (#15428) @oliviertassinari
  • [ci] Fail when demos are only available in TS (#15460) @eps1lon
  • [core] Fix useLayoutEffect warnings on the server (#15463) @eps1lon
  • [core] Minor nitpicks (#15432) @joshwooding
  • [core] Use terser for minification in umd bundle (#15491) @eps1lon
  • [test] Conform components forward ref to root component (#15425) @eps1lon
  • [test] Fix a flaky test (#15445) @oliviertassinari
  • [test] Keep track of the bundle size of TrapFocus (#15453) @oliviertassinari
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