npm @material-ui/system 4.0.0

May 23, 2019

Material-UI v4 is out 🎉

Some statistics with v4 compared to the release of v1 one year ago:

  • From 300k downloads/month to 2M downloads/month on npm
  • From 90k users/month to 350k users/month on the documentation


  • [ToggleButtonGroup] Added missing size prop to type declarations (#15785) @CoolCyberBrain


  • [system] Add missing TypeScript types for flexbox and shadows (#15781) @willbamford


  • [docs] Add remaining TypeScript component demos (#15755) @eps1lon
  • [docs] Fix Nav components subsections to be open by default (#15749) @mbrookes
  • [docs] Fix some gramma in testing doc (#15776) @DDDDDanica
  • [docs] Fix some grammar in right to left guide (#15789) @DDDDDanica
  • [docs] Fix typo (#15792) @retyui
  • [docs] Material-UI v4 is out (#15766) @oliviertassinari
  • [docs] Reference the article with it's full name in icon doc (#15796) @DDDDDanica
  • [docs] Revert the marked change (#15797) @oliviertassinari


  • [core] Change cssutils responsiveProperty unit type (#15783) @eddiemonge
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