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2 months ago

7.6.0 (2023-12-06)

Bug Fixes

  • angular,vue: range form value updates while dragging knob (#28422) (0854a11), closes #28256
  • animation: add stronger types to Animation interface (#28334) (4a088d5)
  • animation: progressEnd coercion is reset before onFinish (#28394) (eae8162), closes #28393
  • infinite-scroll: remaining in threshold after ionInfinite can trigger event again on scroll (#28569) (8c235fd), closes #18071
  • item: allow item to grow when it is used in a flex container (#28594) (1c1b567)
  • item: wrap elements and label contents when the font size increases or the elements do not fit (#28146) (6438e3e)
  • select: do not collapse to width: 0 when placed in flex container (#28631) (e71e7a0)
  • toast: add swipeGesture to ToastOptions (#28518) (4ad6df6)


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