npm @ionic/angular 7.0.11-nightly.20230607

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9 months ago

7.0.11-nightly.20230607 (2023-06-07)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: remove invalid z-index style (#27559) (2ce00cf)
  • header, footer: resolve CSP violations with box shadow (#27560) (e75fa58)
  • item-sliding: refresh sliding behavior when options are added or removed asynchronously (#27572) (b2a226a), closes #25578
  • keyboard: listen on correct events for keyboard lifecycle (#27569) (7871210), closes #27558
  • radio: radio with modern syntax is keyboard navigable (#27530) (d87e692), closes #27268
  • select: prevent click event from firing twice (#27570) (ba7e60e)

Performance Improvements

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