npm @ionic/angular 6.0.0-beta.7

latest releases: 7.7.4-nightly.20240304, 7.7.4-nightly.20240301, 8.0.0-dev.11709245047.1565a499...
2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • datetime: ionBlur and ionFocus now fires correctly (#23980) (86a77bd)
  • datetime: ionChange is no longer called for out of range dates (#23940) (ea39c6e), closes #23939
  • datetime: time picker uses new iOS 15 style (#23996) (0ab37b5), closes #23768
  • modal: backdropBreakpoint is now an exclusive value (#23954) (ed455ab)
  • react: ensure inline modal content is visible (#23968) (285a371)
  • reorder-group: wait for content to render before getting scroll position (#24007) (225a278), closes #23875
  • select: ensure popover options with number values are searched for correctly (#23998) (c204083)
  • select: focus selected item in popovers (#23991) (2497a53)



  • radio: The RadioChangeEventDetail interface has been removed in favor of RadioGroupChangeEventDetail.

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