npm @ionic/angular 6.0.0-beta.1

latest releases: 7.7.4-nightly.20240304, 7.7.4-nightly.20240301, 8.0.0-dev.11709245047.1565a499...
2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • accordion: improved reliability of accordion animations (#23531) (6fbd60b), closes #23504
  • content: add touch-action manipulation for zoom and pan (#23534) (6ca1780), closes #22805
  • datetime: scroll position no longer gets reset when using datetime in overlay (#23543) (b735b58)
  • input, select, textarea: change type of placeholder prop to string only (#23500) (f3ae431), closes #22976
  • popover: size property now works when providing only event (#23532) (bdc1f23), closes #23528
  • popover: update animation to better match MD spec (#23541) (bdb95b7)
  • react: export accordion and accordion group components (#23497) (a664d42)
  • vue: navigating between parameterized pages now results in page transition (#23525) (e30b17c), closes #22662


  • accordion-group: add animated property to disable animations (#23530) (9a60dd0)
  • action-sheet, alert: add id to AlertButton and ActionSheetButton (#18992) (9e24a0b), closes #22959
  • vue: extend useIonRouter hook for programmatic navigation with animation control (#23499) (fc9e1b4), closes #23450


We recommend updating to the latest version of 5.x before trying out version 6 in order to see deprecation warnings related to your app in the developer console.

  • input, select, textarea: Updated the placeholder property on ion-input, ion-textarea, and ion-select to have a type of string | undefined.
  • vue: The IonRouter type for useIonRouter has been renamed to UseIonRouterResult, and the IonKeyboardRef type for useKeyboard has been renamed to UseKeyboardResult.

Please see the file for a complete list of breaking changes in Framework v6.

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