npm @ionic/angular 6.0.0-beta.0

latest releases: 7.7.4-nightly.20240301, 8.0.0-dev.11709245047.1565a499, 8.0.0-dev.11709226349.179192de...
2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • modal: add additional padding to toolbars in iOS modal (#23262) (a037b65), closes #22778
  • searchbar: showClearButton now defaults to 'always' for improved usability with screen readers (#23475) (80f181d)
  • toast: whitespace variable now defaults to normal (#22866) (9b78689)
  • header: removed border from last toolbar when using collapsible large title (#22891) (c72bc5d), closes #22777
  • ios: update toolbar and tabbar default background colors (#22852) (3d615cb), closes #22780

Code Refactoring

  • all: update required browser, framework, and mobile platform versions for v6 (#23443) (c842dd8)
  • angular: remove Config.set() method (#22918) (9e05891)
  • vue: drop support for "on" prefixed overlay events and bump minimum required version of vue to 3.0.6 (#23229) (6fcb3a6)
  • vue: remove support for child routes nested inside of tabs (#22919) (75458ac)


Be on the lookout for additional features and bug fixes in future beta releases of Framework v6!


We recommend updating to the latest version of 5.x before trying out version 6 in order to see deprecation warnings related to your app in the developer console.

  • all: Browser, JS Framework, and mobile platform minimum required versions have been updated.
  • angular: The Config.set() method has been removed. See for examples on how to set config globally, per-component, and per-platform.
  • datetime: The ion-datetime component has been revamped to use a new calendar style. As a result, some APIs have been removed. See for more details.
  • header: The last toolbar in the header with a collapsible large title no longer has a border.
  • ios: The tab bar and toolbar default background colors have been updated to better reflect the latest iOS styles.
  • popover: Converted ion-popover to use the Shadow DOM.
  • searchbar: The showClearButton property on ion-searchbar now defaults to 'always'.
  • toast: The --white-space CSS Variable now defaults to normal.
  • vue: - Dropped support for prefixed overlay events in favor of non prefixed events (I.e. @onDidDismiss becomes @didDismiss).
  • vue: Support for child routes nested inside of tabs has been removed to better conform to Vue Router's best practices. Additional routes should be written as sibling routes with the parent tab as the path prefix.

Please see the file for a complete list of breaking changes in Framework v6.

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