npm @ionic/angular 5.5.1

latest releases: 7.7.4-nightly.20240223, 7.7.4-nightly.20240222, 7.7.3...
3 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • checkbox: click handler now fires properly (#22573) (0786835), closes #22557
  • radio: properly announce radios on screen readers and resolve axe errors (#22507) (afcc46e)
  • react: eliminate use of deprecated findDOMNode, resolves #20972 (5275332)
  • router: navigation guards now fire when navigating to a page with params (#22521) (1956f98), closes #22516
  • select: fix a11y issues with axe and screen readers (#22494) (04b874e), closes #21552 #21548
  • select: improvements for announcing placeholder and value on screenreaders (#22556) (ea52db6)
  • vue: onBeforeRouteLeave and onBeforeRouteUpdate hooks now fire properly (#22542) (8002114), closes #22540
  • vue: tabs now correctly fire lifecycle events (#22479) (cdc2fb6), closes #22466
  • vue: unit testing a routerLink-capable component no longer warns of missing router dependency (#22532) (4e23aad), closes #22506

For Ionic Vue Developers

When updating to Ionic Vue v5.5.1 make sure you are on the latest version of vue-router@next to take advantage of the bug fixes in this release:

npm install vue-router@next

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