npm @ionic/angular 5.4.0-rc.2

This version is dedicated to our upcoming Ionic Vue release.

Bug Fixes

  • vue: do not hide page content when using ion-page in non-routing contexts (#22302) (fff82d0), closes #22300
  • vue: going back from tabs page to a non-tabs page now selects correct page (#22275) (b06ae16), closes #22258
  • vue: improve swipe to go back reliability (#22288) (c74fd41), closes #22237
  • vue: modal, popover, and nav are now created within application context (#22282) (6026c65), closes #22079
  • vue: pages now render in correct outlet when using multiple nested outlets (#22301) (52f655c), closes #22286

Upgrade Steps

npm install @ionic/vue@5.4.0-rc.2 @ionic/vue-router@5.4.0-rc.2 --save-exact

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