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5.2.0 Silicon

latest releases: 7.7.4-nightly.20240226, 7.7.4-nightly.20240223, 7.7.4-nightly.20240222...
3 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • action-sheet, toast: allow button handler to return Promise<void> (#21259) (7703da2)
  • angular: patch FormControl methods to properly sync Ionic form classes (#21429) (e95b481)
  • datetime: ensure year-only values are not affected by timezone when parsing (#21309) (3937101)
  • header: large title transition now works on older versions of iOS (#21339) (2dac12c)
  • img: use setTimeout fallback on older versions of chrome (#21358) (0bf9449)
  • ios: add haptic drag gesture for action sheet and alert components (#21060) (33be1f0)
  • item: inherit align-items from parent item (#19278) (882f8fe), closes #18703
  • item: input-wrapper now inherits overflow (#21282) (29d208d)
  • menu-button: screen readers now properly announce menu button (#21324) (eaf4fb6)
  • modal: card style modal no longer gets stuck when swiping quickly (#21224) (448dfa0)
  • modal: set card-style modal height using the --height css variable (#21453) (a4f0bdb)
  • reorder-group: revert item to original position when passing false to complete (#21396) (5f2001c), closes #19128
  • router: use correct nav transition when going back (#21301) (c8db0d5)
  • scroll-assist: improve scroll detection accuracy (#21416) (137c49d)
  • slides: update Swiper dependency to resolve error when doing SSR (#21350) (3290604)
  • textarea: native textarea inherits max/min width and height (#21333) (2377480)


  • alert: add destructive role to alert buttons (#21269) (e53f024)
  • alert: add support for custom input attributes (#21365) (1ed8169)
  • all: add all autocomplete values to input and searchbar (#21297) (4fd7c0c)
  • all: add optional generic typings for overlay component methods (#21393) (5bf83b8)
  • all: add shadow parts to missing components (#21436) (17375d2)
  • all: add support for configuring animations on a per-page basis (#21433) (f34d375)
  • angular: expose activatedView (#21302) (829a0d9)
  • angular: expose getPlatforms and isPlatform (#21308) (4af54a2)
  • angular: add strongly typed Ionic lifecycle hooks (#18044) (53fc8e3), closes #18043
  • fab-button: add close icon font size css variable (#19628) (df408f9)
  • fab-button: add closeIcon property (#19626) (698e526)
  • select-option: pass class from the option to the interface for individual styling (#21304) (5285824)

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